By Andrew Spiegel, Chief Executive Officer of the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA)
MedCity News

The marathon battle against cancer continues but we are winning. New statistics from the American Cancer Society show the number of cancer-related deaths has decreased by about 23% in men and 15% in women since 1990. These promising reductions in the mortality rate are most apparent in lung, colon, breast, and prostate cancers, the most prevalent types, but there are also improvements for patients with rarer ones.

This is exciting news to the Colon Cancer Alliance, as we are committed to ending the pain and suffering caused by colorectal cancer.

Increased preventative measures and greater screenings explain in part the improvement in survivorship rates. Another reason is our better understanding of cancer. This has enabled the development of advanced biotech medicines, or biologics, which are now at the forefront of treatment.

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