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Learn about new forced-switching policies in some Canadian provinces, physician and patient concerns with forced-switching, how other countries preserve choice and and achieve cost savings, and how you can take action:


Biosimilars Working Group

The Biosimilar Working Group (BWG) is a Canadian-based coalition of non-profit organizations, registered health charities, and health care advocacy coalitions, dedicated to ensuring that good outcomes for patients are at the centre of health policy in Canada, specifically in the biologic medication treatment areas. It creates up-to-date and evidence-based educational material for patients and health care professionals as a basis to inform our advocacy work on behalf of the patients who we serve. BWG members include:

Understanding Non-Medical Switching: Innovator Biologics and Biosimilars

Health Canada Biosimilars Fact Sheet

Canadian Guidance for Sponsors: Information and Submission Requirements for Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEBs)
Guidance documents are meant to provide assistance to industry and health care professionals on how to comply with governing statutes and regulations. Guidance documents also provide assistance to staff on how Health Canada’s mandates and objectives should be implemented in a manner that is fair, consistent and effective.

Health Canada, the federal regulatory authority that evaluates the safety, efficacy, and quality of drugs available in Canada, recognizes that with the expiration of patents for biologic drugs, manufacturers may be interested in pursuing subsequent entry versions of these biologic drugs. The objective of this document is to provide guidance to sponsors to enable them to satisfy the information and regulatory requirements under the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations for the authorization of subsequent entry biologics (SEBs) in Canada.

Questions & Answers To Accompany the Final Guidance for Sponsors: Information and Submission Requirements for Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEBs)

Health Canada Letter — Interchangeability/Substitutability of Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEBs)

This letter outlines Health Canada’s response to inquiries regarding SEBs and interchangeability and substitutability.

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