Who We Are

The Alliance for Safe Biologic Medicines is an organization composed of diverse healthcare groups and individuals—from patients to physicians, biotechnology companies that develop innovative and biosimilar medicines and others who are working together to ensure patient safety is at the forefront of the biosimilars policy discussion. Our membership list and steering committee reflect the wide range of voices within the healthcare community. Our coalition ultimately strives to position itself to be an authoritative resource center of information for the healthcare and policy communities.

Guiding Principles:

  • We believe patients have the right to expect the same quality in drugs, whether they get the brand-name or a copy, irrespective of price.
  • We believe medical decisions ought to remain between a patient and his/her physician, not in the hands of regulators, legislators and insurers.
  • We believe that patients need full information about how biosimilars work in order to make informed choices.
  • We believe that while the ultimate goal is to find a balance between producing economical drugs for our patients and respecting the drug-discovery process, we must never forget that patient safety is paramount.