ASBM, in conjunction with the Long Island University College of Pharmacy (LIU-Pharmacy), is now offering a comprehensive continuing education course on biosimilars entitled “Biosimilars: What Pharmacists Need to Know”.

The second course in the series,”Substitution and Non-Medical Switching” has been updated to include discussion of the July 28 approval of the first interchangeable biosimilar insulin.

The course is presented by ASBM Advisory Board Chair Philip Schneider and covers many topics including:

  • Why Should Pharmacists Care About Biosimilars?
  • Terminology Review: Biologics, Biosimilars, and Interchangeable Biosimilars
  • Issues Surrounding Biosimilar Substitution
  • How Do Different Countries Handle Biosimilar Substitution: Automatic?
  • Europe, Australia, Canada
  • Physician Perspectives on Biosimilar Substitution
  • Non-Medical Switching of Biologics: Patient and Physician Concerns
  • U.S. Policy: Automatic Substitution of Interchangeable Biosimilars
  • Development of State Laws: Pharmacist/Physician Collaboration
  • Biosimilars: the Pharmacist’s Role

Upcoming entries will include discussions of the limitations of biologic pharmacovigilance systems; patient and physician perspectives on biosimilars, and a comparison of different countries’ approaches to driving biosimilar uptake.

While the course is accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE), meaning course credit is available to pharmacists nationwide, it is open to all.
View the entry in the series: “Biologic and Biosimilar Medicines: Their Purpose, Development, Structure, and Effects” here.