The uptake of infliximab biosimilars in the United States is slow but tracks closely to the experience in Europe, according to a new study. After 2 years, infliximab biosimilars assumed a large share of the Europe market. While biosimilar filgrastim has gained large market share in the U.S., uptake of biosimilar infliximab has lagged that of biosimilar filgrastim.


As the Center for Biosimilars reported August 5th:


The study authors said the reasons for the slower adoption of infliximab biosimilars compared with the previous filgrastim biosimilar are unknown. However, they speculated that ‘patients and physicians may be more reluctant to switch from a working biologic regimen in a chronic setting than an acute one.

However, they acknowledged that “a considerable minority of patients did switch between biologic and biosimilar versions in 2018,” and suggested switching could have been the result of cost reductions, such as lower patient co-pays or physician rebates.


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