On July 20th, 2022 ASBM and the Generics and Biosimilars Initiative (GaBI) hosted a 2-hour webinar entitled “Non-Medical Switching of Biologicals and Biosimilars: Canada, Europe, and the US” The event offered an overview of non-medical switching practices in different regions and focused on the importance of safeguarding the patient-physician relationship.

Watch the webinar here.

Academic clinicians with specialties in oncology and ophthalmology, patient advocates, policymakers and regulatory experts from Canada and the US shared their experience and knowledge. Topics discussed included non-medical switching and principles and guidance on interchangeability of biologicals/biosimilars, highlighting the specific concerns. The speakers also emphasized the importance of a multi-stakeholder approach protecting the physician–patient relationship in the practice of non-medical switching of biologicals/biosimilars.

Topics discussed included:

Overview of biologicals/biosimilars switching policies in Europe and the US
Michael S Reilly, Esq, Alliance for Safe Biologic Medicines, USA

Current state of non-medical switching policies of biologicals/biosimilars in Canada

US physicians’ concerns/experience of non-medical switching of biologicals/biosimilars
Ralph McKibbin, MD, FACP, FACG, AGAF, Pennsylvania Society of Gastroenterology/Digestive Disease National Coalition, USA

Interchangeability of biologicals/biosimilars: US perspective
Leah Christl, PhD, Amgen, USA

Patients’ perspective and expectations of non-medical switching of biologicals/biosimilars – Gail Attara, Gastrointestinal Society, Canada

Canadian non-medical switching policies – implications for physicians and patients
Philip Schneider, MS FASHP FFIP

Panel discussion and Q&A

  • Moderator: Steven Stranne, MD, JD (USA)
  • Michael S Reilly, Esq, (USA)
  • Ralph McKibbin, MD, FACP, FACG, AGAF (USA)
  • Leah Christl, PhD (USA)
  • Philip Schneider, MS FASHP FFIP
  • Jaymee Maaghop, Gastrointestinal Society (Canada)
  • Urvashi Rathod, International Federation on Ageing (Canada)