In August, ASBM recorded two new entries in its ongoing continuing education (CE) series in partnership with the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. These represent part 4 and 6 of the 7-part series covering a wide range of biosimilar policy issues. View the previous three entries here.

Module 4: Physician Perspectives on Biosimilars

In this module, ASBM Chair Ralph McKibbin, MD FACP FACG AGAF shares survey data from physicians in 13 countries, including U.S. (n=401, 2021) and Europe (n=579, 2019). Physician attitudes on a variety of aspects of biosimilars are examined including: confidence in their safety and efficacy, comfort level with prescribing biosimilars, physician-led switching of patients, third-party switching for cost/coverage reasons, implications of interchangeability designations and distinct suffixes, and payer coverage and reimbursement practices. The lecture is followed by a discussion portion between Dr. McKibbin and OSU College of Pharmacy Professor Philip Schneider.

Module 5: The Biosimilar Market

This module is hosted by Professor Philip Schneider and examines the reasons for increasing biosimilar uptake, and various factors which contribute to their gaining market share. Among these are building physician confidence through data, robust post-market surveillance to address concerns about abbreviated pathways, the preservation of physician and patient choice, multiple payer-reimbursed products competing on a level playing field, and downward price pressure resulting from competition. The mature biosimilar markets of Europe are analyzed in great detail, and lessons regarding best practices are drawn. The current U.S. biosimilar market is also discussed, including an examination of biosimilars which have achieved significant, even dominant, market shares.

Future entries in the CE series will include Patient Perspectives on Biosimilars, featuring ASBM Steering Committee Member Andrew Spiegel of the Global Colon Cancer Association; and PBM and Payer Practices, featuring Immediate Past ASBM Chair Madelaine Feldman, MD FACR.

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