On December 10th, ASBM Executive Director Michael Reilly presented the results from a new Canadian Survey at the Subsequent Entry Biologics in Canada: Current State of the Science workshop presented by the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences and cohosted by BIOTECanada in Ottawa. The Canadian Physician Perspectives on Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEBs) survey, is a new survey of Canadian physicians’ views of biosimilars. The goal of the survey is to provide empirical data to Health Canada and other regulators on the perspective of Canadian physicians regarding SEBs (biosimilars), particularly in regard to naming. Physicians were asked about their familiarity and understanding of SEBs, the implications of an SEB sharing a non-proprietary name with its reference innovator product, how they identify biologics in patient records and in adverse event reporting, their perspective on the importance of distinguishable naming and their attitudes on pharmacy substitution.

View the presentation here.