The Committee on Health Policy is shortly expected to begin hearings on House Bill 4812. HB 4812 was introduced by Rep. John Bizon, a physician, and contains many valuable protections such as patient notification, pharmacist-physician communication within 5 days of a substitution, and DAW (dispense as written) authority for the prescribing physician. The bill has garnered bipartisan support and has more than 20 cosponsors, including several representatives who are physicians. ASBM sent a letter of support for HB 4812 to Committee Chair Mike Callton and all Committee Members. A competing bill, HB 4437, introduced by Rep. Ken Yonker, contains some but not all of these elements, and while well-intentioned, it is ASBM’s position that this bill does not adequately address the safety and communication challenges of biosimilar substitution.