Indiana Substitution Legislation Headed to Governor

In Indiana, Senate Bill 262, has successfully moved through both chambers of the legislature with a strong vote of 92-5 in the State House. The legislation will now move to Governor Pence where it is hoped to quickly be considered.

ASBM has written Governor Pence in strong support of the enactment of this legislation stating, “We believe that when interchangeable biosimilar products are substituted, communication among patients, pharmacists, and health care providers is essential to patient care and, therefore, we fully support SB 262 and are concerned that patient safety will be compromised if this legislation is not enacted.”

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ASBM supports Indiana House Bill 1315 that designates that a pharmacist may substitute a biosimilar product for a prescribed biological product if the following conditions are met:

  1. The biosimilar product has been determined by the federal Food and Drug Administration to be interchangeable with the prescribed biological product for the specified indicated use.
  2. The prescribing physician has not indicated on the prescription that a substitution is not permitted.
  3. The pharmacist notifies the physician, in writing or electronically, within twenty-four (24) hours of the substitution.

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