On October 23rd, the FDA launched a robust online resource center aimed at educating prescribers on biosimilars.  The website includes fact sheets which explain regulatory terminology such as, “reference product” and “interchangeability”.  The fact sheets also detail the biosimilar approval process as well as explain how these medicines are prescribed and substituted.


Sections include: Biosimilar and Interchangeable Products; Biosimilar Development, Review, and Approval; Prescribing Biosimilar and Interchangeable Products; Biosimilar Product Information; Industry Information and Guidance; Online Courses, Webinars, and Presentations; and Patient and Prescriber Outreach Materials. Drop in content, such as a newsletter article for prescribers, as well as social media posts are also made available by the FDA for circulation.


ASBM surveys of physicians worldwide have consistently shown the need for further education on biosimilars.


Visit the full FDA biosimilars site here.