On Friday, June 19, ASBM sent a letter to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner urging him to sign SB 0455, which would permit biosimilar substitution. It is ASBM’s view that SB 0455 does so while appropriately reflecting the importance of pharmacist-physician communication and keeping treatment decisions the purview of the physician and patient.

ASBM’s survey of 376 U.S. physicians found that 80% of those surveyed called notification in the event of a biosimilar substitution “very important” or “critical”.

Further, 82% of U.S. physicians called the authority to block a substitution by indicating “do not substitute” or “dispense as written” on a prescription “very important” or “critical”.

These results are consistent with those of physicians surveyed around the world, including those in Canada and Europe, where biosimilars are currently in clinical use.

SB 0455 received no negative votes in any committee, and the legislation ultimately passed the House 112-0-0 and the Senate 58-0-0.

ASBM’s letter to Governor Rauner may be read here.