On June 20th, ASBM Chairman Ralph McKibbin, MD will present a poster entitled “Physician Perspectives on Biosimilar Substitution and Reimbursement Practices” at the 2022 DIA Global Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL. The poster is based on the findings of ASBM’s September 2021 survey of 401 U.S. physicians. While topline findings have been shared privately in meetings with regulators, the full survey data has not yet been released.

Survey respondents were drawn from twelve specialties in which biologics are routinely prescribed (e.g. dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, oncology, rheumatology, etc.) All respondents prescribe biologics in their practice. Topics examined include:

  • Confidence in the safety and efficacy of biosimilars
  • Willingness to prescribe biosimilars to a new patient
  • Comfort level with physician-instituted non-medical switching
  • Comfort level with third-party-initiated non-medical switching
  • Implications of an FDA designation of “interchangeable”
  • Importance of treatment decision authority
  • Importance of payer reimbursement of multiple products in a class
  • Importance of reimbursement coverage decisions including factors other than price
  • Perspectives on different biosimilar substitution and access scenarios
  • Implications of FDA biologic naming conventions

Dr. McKibbin will present the survey findings on June 20th between 12:00-1:15pm at the professional poster exhibit area at the McCormick Center West Convention Hall. The meeting runs from June 19th through the 23rd.

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