On December 9th in Toronto, ON, ASBM Executive Director Michael Reilly gave a presentation entitled “Biosimilars: On the Forefront of Medical Innovation” as part of a webinar hosted by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA). The OHA is a leader on the issue of patient safety in Canada and represents 151 hospitals.

Prior to the presentation, a short, informative video was shown, providing an overview of the differences between biologics and chemical drugs. The video addressed some of the unique challenges biosimilars create for policymakers and regulators, with an emphasis on the value of distinguishable names and accurate tracking of adverse events.

Mr. Reilly’s presentation focused on how regulators can address these challenges in order to build physician confidence in biosimilars: by supporting distinguishable naming, good communication with pharmacists during substitution, and transparency in product labeling. Physician perspectives from ASBM surveys in eleven countries were presented, including its survey of 400 Canadian prescribers. The presentation may be viewed here.