On August 26th, ASBM’s Advisory Board Chair Philip Schneider gave a series of presentations at a Biosimilars Forum hosted by the Malta Medicines Authority in Valetta, Malta.

Dr. Schneider provided an extensive overview of multiple topics related to biosimilars, including:

  • Biosimilars: General Concepts (20 min) View here
  • Biologic Nomenclature and the Importance of Non-proprietary Names (20 min) View here
  • Biosimilar Prescribing and Switching (20 min) View here
  • Biosimilars: Economic Considerations/Pricing (20 min) View here
  • Future of Biosimilar Market/long-term sustainability (20 min) View here

Dr. Schneider is a frequent lecturer in Malta on the subject of biosimilars. He has served for several years as an external examiner for Doctorate in Pharmacy final students at the University of Malta, and in July 2018 participated in a biosimilars seminar sponsored by the University of Malta, the Malta Medicines Authority, and the Malta Pharmaceutical Association.