On March 24th, in Louisville, KY, ASBM presented a one hour program entitled “Biosimilars: New Choices, New Challenges”, on the benefits and challenges which will accompany the arrival of biosimilars to the U.S. healthcare landscape. The event was held at the University of Louisville’s Kosair Charities Clinical & Translational Research Facility, and the audience consisted of patients, physicians, medical students, and other health professionals.


The first presentation, by Chairman Harry L. Gewanter, MD focused on the perspectives of healthcare providers such as physicians who prescribe biosimilars and pharmacists who dispense them. Dr. Gewanter shared survey data which showed strong support among these groups for distinguishable naming of biosimilars. Also important was informative, transparent labeling that helps them provide informed advice to their patients. Dr. Gewanter also emphasized the need for collaboration and communication between providers, particularly in the case of a potential biosimilar substitution.

View Dr. Gewanter’s presentation here. 

The second presentation was from ASBM Advisory Board Member and Executive Director of the Global Colon Cancer Association, Andrew Spiegel. Mr. Spiegel’s presentation focused on the patient’s perspective on biosimilars.


Mr. Spiegel spoke of his great enthusiasm about the coming of biosimilars, which will increase access to the biologic therapies that are extending and improving the lives of millions of patients. But he also cautioned that governments and insurers are under great cost pressures, and that policymakers must always keep patient safety as their primary focus when approving and regulating biosimilars.

View Mr. Spiegel’s presentation here.