On May 2, 2013, in Geneva Switzerland, the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO) hosted a gathering of 21 health consumer organizations for a workshop on biosimilar medicines.

Executive Director of ASBM, Michael Reilly, Andrew Spiegel, Co-Chair of the Global Colon Cancer Alliance and Stephen Murby, Board Member of Consumers Health Forum in Australia participated in the workshop, along with speakers such as Dr. Hye-Na-Kang of the World Health Organization and Dr. Pekka Kurki of the Finnish Medicines Agency.

Reilly opened the two-day conference by giving an overview presentation on biologics and the progress being made to introduce biosimilars to patients in the U.S.  In his presentation, he stated that ASBM not only seeks to learn from, but to partner with patients in the EU and Canada to advocate globally for safe, affordable biologics.  Potential areas for creating a global standard include minimally acceptable approval standards, a clearly identifiable and unique naming approach and substitution policies that empower patients and physicians and lead to a sound pharmacovigilance system.

To view Reilly’s presentation click here.

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