On September 6th, AI Arthritis released Episode 88 of its AI Arthritis 360 Talk Show, in which ASBM representatives discuss potential policy changes regarding interchangeable biosimilars and how they may undermine the patient protections currently in place. Joining AI Arthritis Executive Director and host Tiffany Westrich-Robertson were ASBM Executive Director Michael Reilly, ASBM Chairman Ralph McKibbin MD FACP FACG AGAF, and ASBM Steering Committee Member Andrew Spiegel, Executive Director of the Global Colon Cancer Association. 

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A biosimilar standard unique to the U.S., an interchangeable biosimilar has provided additional data to the FDA which demonstrate that not only is the product safe and effective, but that any given patient can be repeatedly switched between it and the reference product and expect the same result, without additional risks. Under U.S. state law, only interchangeable biosimilars may be automatically substituted at the pharmacy level without physician involvement.  

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