During the month of June, ASBM will be participating in three virtual conferences. We encourage all our members to visit the websites of these virtual conferences.asbmjune2020conferences


EULAR E-Congress (From June 3)

ASBM will present a poster abstract entitled “European Prescribers’ Perspectives on Biosimilars”. Data is drawn from ASBM’s 2019 survey of Rheumatologists in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. Topics will include physician attitudes on prescribing biosimilars, non-medical switching, and design of government tenders.


More info here.


BIO Digital (June 8-12)

As part of BIO Digital’s Virtual Patient Advocacy Pavilion, ASBM will share educational literature on key biosimilar policy issues including non-medical switching and automatic substitution; physician survey data, and recent whitepapers including “Policy recommendations for a sustainable biosimilars market: lessons from Europe”, appearing in in the June issue of GaBI Journal.


Learn more here.


DIA Global Meeting (June 14-18)

ASBM will present a poster abstract entitled “European Physician Perspectives on Biosimilars”, drawn from a 2019 survey of 579 prescribers of biologic medicines from 10 practice areas in 6 Western European countries. This is the first time the full survey results will be made publicly available.


Learn more about the DIA Global Meeting here.