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On May 10-11, ASBM will sponsor a Biosimilars Training Program presented by the Global Colon Cancer Association, in partnership with the World Patient Alliance. The event is open to patients from any disease state.

This two-day interactive program is designed to educate patients worldwide about biosimilars and equip them with the tools they need to be more effective advocates and help ensure their country’s biosimilar policies work for the patients they represent.

Several ASBM-affiliated representatives will be presenting at the event including:

  • Ralph McKibbin, MD, FACP, FACG, AGAF; ASBM Chairman
  • Madelaine Feldman, MD, FACR; President, Coalition of State Rheumatology Societies and Immediate Past Chair of ASBM.
  • Philip Schnieder, MS, FASHP, FFIP; Professor of Pharmacy, Ohio State University and ASBM Advisory Board Chair
  • Andrew Spiegel, Executive Director of GCCA and ASBM Steering Committee Member

Join these and other speakers to learn about the benefits, as well as the new challenges biosimilars bring for patients.

Topics covered will include an overview of biosimilars, non-medical switching, pharmacovigilance considerations, and physician and patient perspectives. Patient advocates from around the world will also share their biosimilar stories and advocacy strategies.

Register for the Event Here