On December 25th, the Vancouver Sun published an op-ed authored by ASBM Executive Director, Michael Reilly, regarding the topic of Non-Medical Switching of biosimilars. Non-Medical Switching is when a biosimilar is substituted by a third party in place of the biologic medicine prescribed by the physician, for reasons other than the patient’s health or safety. 

In the op-ed, Mr. Reilly references the findings of ASBM’s recent survey of 403 Canadian prescribers of biologics: 

“Our survey also found that most doctors were not comfortable with a third party switching a patient’s medicine for non-medical reasons. Many worry the different medications may cause adverse effects in patients. I am hoping British Columbia…will play a leadership role in working with Canadian physicians and stakeholders to develop guidelines on the responsible switching of originator biologics and biosimilars.

Biosimilars [offer] patients and physicians lower cost alternatives and different therapeutic options. But for biosimilars to be introduced and used successfully, decision makers must rely on the input and opinions of those who prescribe them.”


Read the full op-ed here.